Thursday, July 25, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - Tillie's Punctured Romance


A strange film that really has no plot, but a lot of slapstick comedy. The woman playing Tillie is impressive, she is 'huge' but very athletic and limber.


As the credits state, this is the first full length (more than one reel) silent comedy. The film dates from 1928 and was produced by Mack Sennet, stars Charles Chaplin (as the bad boy) and also features the iconic Keystone Cops. Since they were inventing the genre here, they didn't have a play book, so comedy translates to being punched or pushed down every 30 seconds and a lot of being kicked in the butt (seriously, at least every 10 seconds). No real plot here, just a morality tale of love and money.

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