Thursday, December 23, 2010

Worst Phishing Ever


I got this in my e-mail last weekend. While I have to assume that most internet users are savy enough to realize that this is utter bullshit, I am sure that there are some folks that will fall for it. Even though it has no logos or graphics, or even good grammer.

I am still waiting for the 3.5 million dollars from the Nigerian bank account that I sent my social security number I sort of doubt that 'Google' is telling the truth here. (my comments in blue)


Dear Google Mail User,

We hereby want to let you know that your Google Mail Account needs Verification.

Due to the recent problems encountered by our Google Mailing system.

Google Team will be deleting some in active accounts so as to reduce the number of registered Account on the New Affiliated Google Web Browser. (WTF does this mean?) Please Provide the following affiliation process (what the hell is 'affiliation process?) by filling out the details below so as to make a correspondence (their command of the English language is astounding) with the saved data on our system.

Present Country:

Warning !!!Failure to fill in the details above,we will believe your account is not active anymore and it will be deleted within 48hours and shutdown. (are you threatening me? ? ?)
Gmail Registration Services®.


Evidently, anyone that is actually fooled by this e-mail needs to have their internet access taken away.