Monday, December 20, 2010

Droid Dump


I take a lot of pictures that most folks never see. If a black & white negative comes out a little to over-exposed, or the first attempt at a digital sunset isn't right, it gets filed away on some disk for future generations.

Recently, a lot of friends and co-workers have lost cellphones, or forgot to back up their digital cameras and lost EVERYTHING. So I am going to 'try' and start backing up stuff.

Since the concept of storage has moved 'way' beyond floppy disks and CD-ROMs, I have scavenged all the old digital media I have and posted it to a safe keeping place on the web. Specifically, my Apple Mobile.Me account. Most of these pictures are not great images, however, some of them aren't bad and have made it onto the pages of Flickr and this blog. Keep in mind, that all of this is 'digital' media. Which means it is NOT film. That is reserved for Flickr or specific blog posts. I mean, after all....I have to have some content standards.

Many of these images are from my Droid Smartphone, but some of them go back as far as my Zire 100 Palm Pilot and my LG5600 cellphone.

I will be updating the contents a few times a year as I dump memory cards and hard drives into it. So if you want to look through my shoe box of recent photos, click on the blog title above or just click "here" and you can browse them at your leisure.