Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Own Private Idaho

Welcome To "My" World

This might seem silly, and something that a 53 year old man really shouldn't be doing, but it is theraputic. Sort of like gardening, or organizing your receipts before taxes. It brings order and a sense of purpose.

This is my little corner of the world, even if it is just in my head. It is a city. A city I could walk in my sleep. I know where everything is, and how everything works. I know what subway to take to get to the airport. I can stroll through the zoo and then head over to my little cottage on the cape.

This is a city called "Hypocrisy" that I have created in SimCity 3000. It resides on a little (128K) thumb-drive in my office at work. I plug it once or twice a week and check on the little lemmings that worship me as a God (albiet a very benevolent one).

In my little city, there is order, purpose and lots of parks and fountains. It is eco-friendly and thoughtfully laid out with lots of mass transit. The welfare of my citizens is most important, not making short term profits for the fat-cats in the high rise glass towers.

In essence, it is a perfect place. A place of refuge and serenity in the very complex real world. If you click on the image you will be whisked away to a 'really' big map of my city, where you can roam around and check out the sites like: The Power Stations (wind turbines, nuclear and microwave), the light house on the point, the bread and breakfast community on the coast (completely powered by solar energy), the farm fields in the southwest and the rail line that cuts through the scenic mountains to the coast.

So much for fantasy...time to get back to work.