Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Cinema Cycle - Scenes from a Mall

Scenes from a Mall
Thursday, 02.28.2020



Bruce Johnson


  1. Life in 1990 Los Angeles
  2. Woody and Bette dialogue can be hard to take.
  3. In the time before cell phones, every phone has a cord!
  4. Malls don't look like this anymore.
  5. So far I am underwhelmed.  To much fast Woody dialogue and personal issues. 
  6. Not movie escapism, more like movie therapy.
  7. Not enjoying this.  Tedious / not funny.
  8. Woody takes profound films by foreign directors and puts an American slant on them. 
  9. It's a sort of plagiarism. (Scenes from a Marriage)
  10. Sex scene in the theater...Really?
  11. The best thing about this film is the Mime.
  12. All the franchise mall stores that are no longer in business.
  13. Fabio in the elevator!
  14. Ideal movie for folks going through a divorce.

Cinema Cycle Notes

  • 17.4 miles
  • 89 minutes
  • Odometer =  11792.8 miles 

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