Saturday, March 7, 2020

Cinema Cycle - Horowitz in Moscow

Horowitz in Moscow 
Thursday, 03.6.2020



Bruce Johnson


  1. Apparently, Vlad only plays a Steinway
  2. Vlad...Moscow rock star
  3. Very, very somber opening, you could hear a fart in this music hall.
  4. Horowitz, eyes closed, all the notes from memory.  EGAD. He is in his 70s here.
  5. At about 30 minutes he really starts tinkling those ivories 
  6. Vlad needs a bathroom break, Audience says NO WAY.
  7. Based on pans of the audience,  uni-brows were pretty common on women in the old Soviet Union.
  8. In the interview sections Vlad is pretty hard to understand.
  9. I can't believe that anyone can have that much dexterity in their fingers at the age of 70.

Cinema Cycle Notes
  • 20.7 miles
  • 100  minutes
  • Odometer =  11,813.5 miles  

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