Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SQUIRREL ! ! ! .....

Silly Silly Voters....

The Veteran's Administration Fiasco....ow my.  It appears that once again the media is reporting on the symptom and not reporting on the reasons that caused the problem (entrenched management and not enough doctors)

Have we already forgotten about:

  • The IRS targeting conservatives fiasco?
  • The AHCA (Obamacare) Rollout?
  • The failure of Bernie Madoff and Goldman Sachs? (where were the regulators)
  • FEMA and Hurricane Katrina?

Government does not fix or solve anything properly.  They only know how to tax and spend.

Eventually all government institutions become entrenched and self serving to the point where they can not produce any useful output.

What were the 'reasons' for these failures?  Lack of oversight and no long-term management that controlled or monitored their performance and competency.  With each new administration comes a new  Agency/Department head that may have questionable credentials and who knows they will only be there for 8 years tops.  All they have to do is lay low, hope they are lucky and nothing blows up in their faces.

Yet, the media does not focus on the system that perpetuates these problem, instead only reporting on the symptoms, the aftermath and possible scapegoats for the entertainment of the masses that have a very short attention span.

So the next time a government agency is found to be screwing things up royally.  Don't act so surprised and shocked.  If you are, then you apparently haven't been dealing with government very much lately.