Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Short Short Story / Scene 1b

Short Short Story Fiction
Sky Citadel Screenshot 27 - Copy.jpg
“ did she escape?”, the Seeier inquired.

“Unknown Sir, she got passed the sentries and managed to launch one of the descent balloons.  She has probably been gone for several hours.”

“See that the sentries are put to death, immediately.”

“At once sir”, was Captain Yolin’s response.

“We must find her Captain.  If she plans to contact the Azlin she will upset the balance of power that has existed for centuries.  Take a Sky-Ship and find her.  Bring her back if you can, but if you can’t, end her life.”

“The King’s Daughter……???”, replied Yolin.

“She must not contact the Azlin Captain.  Everything we have achieved is at stake here.  Leave the King to me!”.....

An ongoing experiment in very short fiction based on a random image.  Other examples of this project can be found here.