Friday, April 18, 2014

Cinema Cycle - While You Were Sleeping

(Cardio Workout And Reviewing Movies At The Same Time)


DATE: 04/18/2014

FORMAT: LaserDisc

SYNOPSIS: A lonely young woman in Chicago has her fantasy of marrying the ideal man come to life.  She saves the man’s life but he falls into a coma for two weeks.  During that time, the man’s family believes that she is his fiance and accepts her into their family.  

CONCEPT IN RELATION TO THE VIEWER: Dreams can come true, and sometimes they are not what you expected.  Follow your heart and not your expectations.

PROS AND CONS: A cute film about the ideal fantasy relationship.  A very good ensemble cast including Jack Warden and an older Glynis Johns.  Then there is Sandra Bullock as she just starts to break into her  role as America’s Sweetheart and the queen of the romantic comedies.  A great film is you want to get immersed into the world of urban Chicago.

The only con about this film, is that it screams ‘chick flick’.  While it is funny and engaging, there is little to appeal to the men in the audience with the exception of looking at Ms Bullock a lot.  All of the characters in the film are light-hearted, warm and funny, which really isn't true to real life.  There are no antagonists in the film, only odd circumstance, comical assumptions and miscommunications.

TIME RIDDEN: 102 Minutes (1 hour 42min)



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