Friday, July 23, 2010

Will Work For Cervesa

S.B. 1070

I am going to weigh in on one of the hot button issues around my neck of the woods. I tend to try and stay away from media hype because in my mind, giving attention to pedophiles just makes for more molested children. We should just lynch the bastards and then bury their bodies without a lot of fanfare.

With that mindset, I am going to talk about our favorite topic in the desert southwest these days. ‘Senate Bill 1070’, otherwise known as the immigration reform act in Arizona. This piece of legislation, that is slated to go into effect this week, mandates that Arizona law enforcement (be it county sheriff, local police or state police) check the immigration status of anyone they pull over that they ‘suspect’ might be in the country illegally.

This law has created more hype, and more street protests, and more talk show pundit debates than I ever thought possible. Most citizens here in Arizona find all of this sort of laughable since the vast majority of Arizonians support this law.

The real stupidity of the whole ordeal comes from the morons that don’t understand it and start screaming (literally screaming) that this is the legalization of racial profiling and that every single person that even looks Hispanic is going to slapped in irons and sent off to Tijuana.

Like many other folks that live down here, I was dumbfounded to find out several years ago, that this WASN’T already the law! I assumed, as did most of my friends here in Arizona, that if you were an illegal alien and you got caught stealing a six-pack of Budweiser from Seven-Eleven, that you would be handed over to INS and they would deport you. Nooooo, that is not the case. Seems there is this little thing called jurisdictional guidelines, which says that an illegal alien can only be deported if INS catches them. If local police arrest them, they can't hand them over to INS. Instead, they spend the night in the county jail and are then released. No harm, no foul. This is what S.B.1070 addresses.

I wonder if I go to Russia or Argentina, will I get this good a deal.

There is one thing that you can’t really debate here. Being in the country illegally is wrong. You are breaking the law if you do. The only question really is, who has the jurisdiction to arrest and deport you. That is what the whole SB1070 debate is about. Those screaming that it shouldn’t be the state, obviously only want the Federal Government to do this…..and they are woefully understaffed. If the president allocated 10 billion dollars to INS to put 5,000 troops on the Board to arrest and detain illegal aliens coming across the border, would they still be protesting? Probably.

This isn’t about right or wrong, this is about getting a free ride and not being held accountable. The illegal immagrants aren't being held accountable and the Federal Government isn't being held accountable. Arizona does something to hold them all accountable, and we get labeled as fear mongers and racial purists.

In the end, I find it fascinating that the media outlets only focus on the negative issues of a small vocal minority, and that very few say that this is a good idea, because if forces the Federal Government to be more responsible. It is all hype and ratings and pandering to the lowest common denominator, which are the screaming women holding their infants yelling 'Don't deport our babies!'.

In the end, what will it all accomplish? Well, the assumption is……that most of the illegal residents will be moving to New Mexico or California, then they can find ways to deal with them.