Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Media Update

Best Video Ever.....(well, sort of)

Been a bit busy of late. Hence the lack of whimsical Facebook updates, Blog Entries, or witty comments. We are still trying to pick up the pieces from all the stuff that came down over the past few months in our household, but I am slowing clawing my way to the top of the pile.

In an update to the ‘disconnecting’ from the media post that I did about a month ago, I can't believe what a difference it makes in the quality of our lives. Since we stopped watching broadcast programming on our television set the world actaully is a much better place.

It took a while to get used to not haveing the TV on, much like a herion addict must feel when they go cold turkey, but eventually you get used to it. We filled the time up with more important things like talking to one another and working on projects around the house.

Then after about a week, the wife and I noticed that we just weren’t as stressed out as we had been in the past. We didn’t know how many murders had been committed in our area, we didn’t know how bad the oil spill in the Caribbean was, and we didn’t miss the stupid talking heads on the local new shows passing off restaurant advertisements as human interest stories. What becomes important is the status of our lives and relationships and not what the television tells us we should be worried about. It is actually most liberating.

That being said, we still watch television. What we watch comes in four forms. We have our Netflix account (either by mail-DVD or streaming via the Wii), we have iTunes, where we subscribe to various television shows (sans the commercials), my extensive LaserDisc collection and occasional content that I download from Usenet on the Internet.

One of our guilty pleasures that is now worth watching since there aren’t 25 minutes worth of commercials gunking it up is “The Bachelorette”. In case you have not seen it, this show is a terribly scripted farce that parades around as a ‘reality show’, about a woman whittling down a pack of eligible bachelors to find her true love.

Last night we got a special bonus while watching the most current episode that we downloaded from iTunes. They had an ‘update’ about last years Bachelor, Jake and the woman that he chose to be engaged to, Vienna.

Now mind you, during the last season of the Bachelor, no one could stand this bitch. The other contestants hated her and even the viewing public knew that there was something wrong with this woman. So it was not a big surprise that the relationship went to hell in a hand-basket about 3 months after the show ended.

But this little wrap up from last nights show is a hoot. If anyone has ever had an argument with a spouse or had a relationship end badly, they can identify with this clip. Jake and Vienna go after each other like rabid wolverines.

I think the consensus is that Vienna is a very ‘special needs’ woman that has a lot of attention issues and high expectations. Jake comes off as being a bit alluf and cold and possibly a jerk. The fact that both of them went on national TV for a 13 week dating farce sort of means they both got what they deserved.

I think that Vienna would still be in a relationship, if she could just learn to shut her mouth and learn to stop talking about what ‘she’ wants. Jake’s blowup at the end is classic. While my wife was enthralled and giggling through the entire clip, I was ‘literally’ on the floor kicking and screaming with laughter at this. It is that good.