Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Wonderful Dream

Maybe, Someday...

I had a dream last night. It was a strange sort of dream. Not like the surreal sort of dreams I usually have where I am in the third person, watching myself solve a puzzle or a problem for no apparent reason.

This dream had me parked in front of a television set watching the nightly news. The news Anchor (I think it was Tom Brokaw) was fidgeting and kept looking off camera like he was expecting something, only it never came. He squinted into the teleprompter and then shuffled some more papers in front of him...then he cleared his throat.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is a day like no other in broadcast history. For it is on this day, that I have to report to you the following:

there are no cheating sports figures

there are no dead celebrities

there are no kidnapped children

there are no new mystery illnesses

there are no plane crashes

there are no war dead

there are no natural disasters

there are no spikes in prices

there are no new government statistics on the economy

there are no reports from North Korea or Iran

there are no bank / corporate failures

there are no train wrecks

there are no pirates!

there are no bailouts.....

in essence my friends, there is no news to report to you on this day. So stay tuned for 20 minutes of advertisements from our sponsors for medications to combat illnesses that you have never heard of and automobiles that you can no longer afford to own. Good Night."

I changed the channel to look for new episodes of 'Cops' or 'Hoarders', but couldn't find any. So I went outside to play fetch with our dog.

It was a really cool dream.