Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Interview Me

The Meghan Interview

In my never ending quest for fame and fortune, I dared a fellow blogger to interiew me and much to my surprise she took me up on the challenge. So without further delay here is Meghan's interview of yours truely. Geeez, I am a fascinating person......

1.) Why three different blogs, why not just one?

I am glad you asked. Actually, there are only two blogs. "Hypocrisy" and the "Alternate View". The 3rd blog was a joint venture that was put together by a friend of mine that spent the summer in Italy, which I had little to do with. The original blog was "Hypocrisy" that was started back in 2004. It's initial purpose was a place to vent about stuff that was pissing me off. (still is to a certain extent). It wallowed in obscurity for several years before I finally figured out what to do with it. I have been writing on it pretty consistently since about 2006. What it has morphed into over the years is basically a 'life's lessons' sort of blog. Something akin to a never ending tombstone, where people can come when I am long gone from this earth and have some sort of idea of what shaped my views and the lessons that I had learned. I try not to write about stuff from a first person point of view but rather to observe things and then try and find a way that they relate to all of us, or affect all of us in some way. It has been an interesting journey so far.

The second blog, "Alternate View" is relatively new and is an ongoing experiment to see the world in an artistic if not alternate way. I was experimenting with my cell phone one day and the concept of using it to upload images to my blog. Since it was evident that the little bugger has a lot of media capability (photo, video, audio) I thought I would use it as a 'brush' to paint some art on a blog. It has it's limits but it also makes me try and see the world in a different light.

Where "Hypocrisy" tends to be about writing and the written word, the "Alternate View" was meant to be mostly visual, brief and simple.

2.) You changed your blog hand awhile back from Lotus to Bruce, explain?

Hmmm, really not sure. Bruce is my real name, and Lotus07 has always been my e-mail / blogger ID / License plate. I suppose it was the fact that when I read the comments in most other blogs, it was much more personal a comment if the person's name actually appeared next to the comment and not something like 'Super Hunky Space Monkey'.

3.) Do you find taking photographs with a cell phone allows you to see more of your day to day life as possible images than you look for, or is it just more convenient than carrying an SLR around :P ?

The cell phone is always there, so it is handy, but like I stated, it has limits on what it can do. It does make me try and look for the things around me in a different way, sort of like 'stopping to smell the roses' sort of thing. I have a bunch of film cameras from SLRs to view cameras that are very bulky but offer much more creative control. The cellphone is like a sketch pad as opposed to a real canvas. You can be more spontaneous and creative with it, and since it is digital, any mistakes cost you nothing. Unlike a film camera, where you spend money every time you click the shutter. For those pictures, I have the "My POV" series in "Hypocrisy" where I post the actual film that I have shot. There are a lot of pictures I take with the cellphone that get deleted and never make it to the blog.

4.) You seem to have pretty eclectic taste in music, what would be on your perfect road trip cd?

Wow....hard question to answer. Depends where I am going and what I a will be doing and what I am driving. I have an expensive sports car that I take out on the open road on rare occasions, but when I do, I don't listen to anything, instead opting to listen to the engine to try and hear if anything is about to break. On a long road trip in a nice car, I would usually take an iPod with about 5 or 6 days worth of music on it (as in over 140 hours of music) and listen to it by 'genre' such as Cinema Soundtracks, or Rock or Classical. If I am heading to "Burning Man", it would usually be industrial strength techno, if I am heading to L.A. in the Lotus it would be probably be James Bond, if I were heading to Disneyland, probably the soundtrack to Mary Poppins.... you get the idea.

5.) Any New Years resolutions you would care to share?

I sort of gave up on those. It is always the same one as the years before. Get my act together. I know what I have to do to move forward in my life. The only two issues that stand in my way are the road blocks that others put in my way, and the road blocks that I put in my own way. Just concentrating more on the things that are important to me and my wife and focusing less on the bullshit that other folks throw in our way in the form of work / family and governmental problems. It is a never ending struggle and I don't think there will ever be a resolution to any of them anytime soon, so why make a resolution about them?

If anyone else wants to join in on the fun, make a comment on this blog and indicate that you want me to interview you, along with your e-mail address and I will put on my best Baba Wawa impersonation and send you some interesting questions to answer.