Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interview Me - Part II

The Laura Interview

Laura over at I Am The Diva wants to pick my here come my brain pickings


Okay, here's your interview!

In the movie of your life, who would play you and why?

Wow, hard to say. My first thought is Steve Buscemi, because he is off beat, no nonsense, can kick ass if needed and can get the job done...he is also fasinating to watch. My second thought would be Clint Eastwood, because when I grow old, I want to be just like him, real gritty and mean to folks (at least on screen).

If you could go back in time and have a conversation with your fifteen year old self, what kind of advice would you give?

This one made me laugh out loud, seriously. This might sound sexist, but I would primarly talk to my 15 year old self about women. It has taken me about 40 years to figure them out (their motivations, their desires, their fears, their loves, etc....) and it has been one hard road with a lot of bumps along the way. If I had known that at 15, my life would have been a lot eaiser with more happiness and fewer broken hearts.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you get close?

What I thought I wanted to be when I grew up isn't what I would want now. Age and experience have a way of tempering and forging a life that we could not understand as children. When I was a child, I wanted to be a railroad engineer or an archectect. Neither would have been good, although the railroad engineer still has some allure. As I have grown, I want to become an interperitor of things, through words, imagery and media. Someone that figures out how everything interconnects and interacts, not so much on a technical level, but on the human experience level. I suppose it would be something like a humane systems analyst. So how close did I come? Not even near the target.

There is a theory that you're either a Rolling Stones person or a Beatles person. Which are you and why?

Beatles, definately the Beatles. The Stones were good, but they were a bit too rebelious and angry. The Beatles were more about love and happiness and in the end, this is what I would rather listen to and emulate. At my age, 'Lady Madonna' and 'Eleanor Rigby' have much more meaning than 'Jump'in Jack Flash' or 'Sympathy for the Devil'.

If you could hang out with one person, real or fictional - alive or dead, for 24 hours, who would you pick and why?

I have often pondered this question. Einstein would be fun, and having tea and scones with Jesus Christ would be a hoot, but realistically, my father. I miss him and we would have a lot to talk about. Life is about living and what you have learned along the way. My dad lived a good life and I would want to compare notes to see how I have measured up and to tell him what I have learned since he left. The man taught me by example and never steered me wrong, I can't say that of anyone else in this life.


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