Monday, June 23, 2008

Its MY Day Off!!!

When Photo Chemicals meet Paint Stripper

I love my wife. Gotta love her since she puts up with me and all my quirks (and vice versa). She is creative, compassionate, caring, knows how to cook a minute steak and actually grins when I make bachelor food and pretends to enjoy eating it.

Over the course of our marriage we have learned to give and take and have made a lot of adjustments. We both have a lot of "projects". She tends to work on the house which usually involves painting things. Well, actually painting everything. In my wife's world 'beige' is a naughty word. So when she has a day off, she is usually priming, painting, stripping or something related to it.

In my world, I am usually in the garage underneath my car, or doing some woodworking, developing film or working on the lawn / garden. It is safe to say that our two worlds are mutually exclusive.

When these two worlds overlap, it is sort of like matter and anti-matter colliding. Stripping paint does not go well with developing film, and removing light fixtures to paint around them is not conducive to tracking down an electrical problem in the Lotus.

I am a long time civil servant, which means I get about 4 days off a month (hey, I have earned it!). My wife works for a very good employer that values her employees more than making money (I used to work for an employer like that back in the 70s!) and she usually gets one day off a week. So we have come to the conclusion that we should NEVER take the same day off. When we do, the matter and anti-matter collide and it is not pretty. My wife does her thing on her day off, I do mine on my day off and never the two shall met.

If you see a bright flash or feel the earth rumble there is a 50/50 chance that it is an earthquake or my wife and I have scheduled the same day off to work on projects.