Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Great Puzzle - A Blog In Three Parts

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Part-3 - The Hidden Senses

Prolog - The Great Blue Herron
Part-1 - Indoctrination Into Our World
Part-2 - We Are All Disabled
Part-3 - The Hidden Senses

After mulling over the meaning of life and the fact that as humans we are prone to be distracted by a lot of things, it sort of dawned on me that this might all be some sort of test. Life might be an obstacle course that we have to run. If that is the case, how do we tell if we have successfully completed it?

If there is some higher order to the universe the assumption is we just can't understand how it all works. Some folks try and explain it with physics and some with religious dogma. Either way, we are distracted by the price of gas, war, hatred, envy and other perils of the human condition.

Then take into account that fact that we are always trying to trick each other into getting ahead. Marketers are selling you things you don't need. MTV shows music videos with over 300 edits in a 3 minute song (talk about ADHD), non-stop sex and violence in the media ignites our voyeuristic base instincts to watch and be distracted. An obstacle course indeed.

We have 5 senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. When we loose one of these senses, our brains tend to compensate with the others. Think about the blind musician that appears to have more musical talent, the deaf person that has the keen visual eye and the mute that can express themselves in words far better than the rest of us.

We tend to see the world through our senses and assume thats all there is. But wait. Is it?

Science tells us that there are things we cannot perceive. Wavelengths of light that can't seem with the naked eye. Ranges of hearing that our dog has no problem with, but we are deaf to. Sharks can smell one drop of blood from miles away. As humans, we believe we can perceive all there is.

But what about Deja-Vu? The feeling of premonition and insight we all have once in a while. The concept of entering a room and feeling that you have been there before. The problem you can't solve, whose answer suddenly comes to you 2 weeks later. Is there something firing in our brains that is out of your ability to comprehend and control? Is there movement just out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn our head its gone?

All these things and all these questions have lead me to an idea. An hypothesis of sorts. The more I think about it, the more it seems to make sense no matter how skeptical I am.

What if there are senses that we just can't comprehend yet. What if this life is just an evolutionary step. Our great grandparents played baseball in dirt lots, our grandparents learned to build things with erector sets, as children we played with Rubic's Cubes and Tetris. Our children are learning to use a broadband computer by the age of 10.

If there is a higher power in the universe, they must know that we can't figure it all out in one lifetime. The earth may be an incubator of sorts. Once we are done here and pass on, we might 'graduate' into another plain where we have 15 senses, and then again to another plain where we have 25 senses? We couldn't handle them all now, but eventually we might move up the ladder.

Life might not end here. This may just be kindergarten, where we learn the basics. Some of us may move on while others may be held back a grade (lifetime). This isn't life. This is life with training wheels. And if I am right, this life is just the start of the journey.