Wednesday, January 1, 2020

He Saw / She Saw: Downton Abbey (The Movie)


Having watched the series, I was excited to see this movie.  It did not disappoint and I absolutely love watching Maggie Smith playing the part of wise grandmother.  I loved it when she said, “I never argue, I explain.”  For those who have not seen the series it may be difficult at times to follow, but overall, was happy to see almost all the original characters from the TV series.


I don't recall how, but we got sucked into this series back in the day when it was still running on PBS.  I gotta admit, it made me feel homie.  Sort of like an upper crust version of Friends with the Sopranos thrown in .  So, when they all came back in a movie (and I found it in the bargain bin at Safeway - impulse buy!) Sue and I were punching up the microwave popcorn and kicking back the recliners.  It does not disappoint, hitting all the right notes and making you feel satisfied in the end, sort of like eating cotton candy.  (but really GOOD cotton candy)

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