Monday, December 16, 2019

The Cost of Owning A Great Dane - Part 1

Iris - Four Months Old
28 inches tall
40 pounds

Iris continues to grow faster than any other animal I have encountered.  She is currently gaining about 5 lbs a week and should be around 60 lbs by the end of the year. She has recently been spayed which brings to light the other large aspect of owning one of these deer-like dogs, the cost.  

Here is a rough breakdown so far.: 

  • Cost to adopt: $650
  • Initial Vet Visit / Shots $350
  • Food: $60 to $80 / Month
  • Spay / Microchip: $700
  • Numerous Chew Toys / Shoes: $50
  • Car Ramp For Dog: $150
  • Five Large Dog Beds (required): $120
Cost after four months: $2,340 (approx)

Are they worth it?  Absolutely, if you can afford it. 

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