Saturday, October 5, 2019

Things Old Guys Do - Thrift Store Photos

The Truth or Consequences Negatives

While on vacation, I found an abandoned collection of 1500 film negatives shot during the late summer of 1983.  

This binder of negatives was found in an Animal Rescue Thrift Store in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico during the summer of 2019.  The cost for the binder was $20.  

A majority of these images were taken on Tofino Island and in Vashon, British Columbia along with  Seattle, Washington.

The titles for the images reflect the description written on the plastic proof sheets that the negatives are stored in.  A [(misc)] in the file name indicates no description for the negatives is available.   The collection appears to be a project encompassing at least 50 rolls of 36 exposure film, shot within a four month period of time. 

It took me about two months, but I managed to scan all these images with a film scanner.  The entire collection as been posted to my Flickr account for viewing.  

If anyone has any information on the people or places represented here, your comments are welcome

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