Wednesday, September 18, 2019

He Saw / She Saw - Why We Fight


This movie was so informative and just confirmed what “informed” people already know.  Our Government is so corrupt and lays it out clearly.  Too bad most of society will keep on believing what they are told by the Government.


A fascinating well done documentary about what President Eisenhower appropriately coined the "Military Industrial Complex".   This is a well balanced film that has some profound insights and behind the scenes views from individuals who have knowledge of the American war machine far beyond the average citizen.  After watching, the viewer walks away with the nagging realization that the United States government has been hijacked by powerful individuals and corporations that only seek self interest and not the common good. 


  1. Where do I find this? Looks fascinating.
    -Neighbor in Warren

    1. I found it on DVD at Goodwill. It is a recent film and can probably be found on Netflix or Hulu. Not to be confused with the Frank Capra film "Why We Fight" from the 1940s (which I originally thought it was when I purchased it). The film exposes the MASSIVE corruption in the United States arms industry.