Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Things Old Guys Do - The Captain's Chair

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Things That Old Guys Do
The Captain Kirk Chair

The Man Cave 2.0

We got this new house with a covered / enclosed patio.  This is supposed to be the dog lounge, where our large canines can sleep and frolic without worry of making a mess or shedding all over creation.  So naturally, this was also destined to become the new and improved Man Cave. 

Those Dreams Of Early Adulthood

What the new Man Cave eventually turned out to be was the ultimate stereo that I had always wanted as a teenager in college. We are talking college in the 1980s, so the Internet and Streaming media are not in the picture here. What I was shooting for was a viewing system for my extensive collection of media. Since my collection is voluminous and extensive, it figured it was time to upgrade the system to match. About $1,200 later, the project is complete

The Chair

What I did not have was a really nice chair to sit in while using / viewing the system. Mind you, this patio area has a tile floor (dogs remember). Easy to keep clean, but also easy to maneuver around with the right chair. So I went looking for the ideal office chair to complete the media lounge. I found it on Amazon.com for $189.

The Wheels

Sounded good, but all chairs came with the same crappy plastic wheels. I knew that this would not do. So I opted for custom wheels and installed them myself. Big difference on the tile floor. This thing glides around like it is on a cushion of air.

The Floor

One little setback, is that the chair glides so easily, that the unevenness of the floor becomes apparent and if you don’t anchor your feet you go floating toward the center of the room.

The Price!

While the total I spent on this chair was just shy of $200, I was amazed to find the original take on the back of the chair once I had assembled it. Appears that retail, this chair is worth a lot of the up and coming executive. It is nice, but it ain’t that nice!

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