Friday, November 30, 2018

Onward To New Horizons....(or greener pastures, depending on you perspective)

Moving On:

Facebook is good for - Pets Photos and Vacations Pictures

Facebook is not good at - Everything else.

As time passes, Facebook has sandwiched us into a more and more restrictive environment that cannot be linked to anything outside the platform. Then there is the layout right out of the National Enquirer and constant reminders of your past.

So like Douglas MacArthur, I am going to be a good soldier and just fade away on Facebook. I am not leaving, but if you want to see my content, you are going to have to look elsewhere. Fear not, it won’t be hard to find.

I am moving my online focus to:

Flickr - Images, everything I think is worth looking at.

Blogger - Where I actually write and document life It is called ‘Cinema Cycle’

Strava - Only used to track workout information

Twitter - This is where I now rant (on occasion), but don’t expect it to be politically correct. This ain’t Facebook.

If you look me up at these links you will find my own layouts with no like buttons, only comment fields. No data mining, no memes, surveys or advertisements for things I searched for 6 months ago.

I will still be on Facebook, stuff will get cross linked / posted and show up in my Facebook feed (for as long as Facebook allows it). But I ain’t doing no more ‘likes’ (it is just data mining people). <but I will comment on your ‘original’ Facebook posts on occasion>.

I have gotten to that stage where I am shooting for a bit more control and creativity and less of making the Zuckerberg’s more money.

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