Thursday, June 15, 2017

The New Rack

Forget Streaming / Physical Media Is The Way To Go

Half way through a particularly good Laserdisc (see review), my trusty Laserdisc player decided to give up the ghost and would not eject side three of the disk.  The player is a Pioneer DVL 909, that flipped the disk and also played DVDs.  

I figured this would be a good time to upgrade the shelving since the old television stand from Walmart was just not cutting the mustard.  So thanks to some old ¾ inch plywood I had hanging around and a $25 gift card for Home Depot that bought me some Cinder Block, I now have a much more secure, stable and wider shelving unit.  

(Ava off to the right)

Much to my surprise, my back up Laserdisc Player seems to have a better picture than the DVL-909.  I have to flip the discs and no DVD functionality, but so far this has been a win-win.

My focus has always been getting through my library and not to pour a lot of resources into making the ultimate display system.  Functionality is my aim here, and with the surround sound mounted in the ceiling and the bass reflex, it is very functional at this point.

The Current Lineup:

  • Pioneer LD-870 (Laserdisc)
  • Sony SLV-R1000 (VHS)
  • Pioneer GR-555 (Graphic Equalizer)
  • LG  SuperBlu (BluRay / HD-DVD / DVD / CD)
  • Denon Surround Sound Receiver (HDTV / USB) 5 speaker / sub-woofer
  • Apple TV (Gen3)
  • Google Chromecast
  • Samsung HDTV

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