Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Six Questions.

The Six Questions

On my birthday, 03/08/2017 at the Point Arenas lighthouse, where I read all of the answers. 

For my surprise 60th birthday party, my wife had all the guests fill out a questionnaire.  These were sealed and given to me to read three days later on my birthday while traveling through Northern California.  

Here are some of the more choice responses.....

How and when did you first meet Bruce and what were your impressions of him?

101 years ago in Mexico.

The day I was born.

About 10 years ago.  First Impression, Sue traded up!

I hired him, 1st impression, competent….that's why I hired him.

Met him at a happy hour, First impression was that he had a lot of opinions.

Greek God.

What do you think that Bruce should put on his Bucket List for the next 5 years?

Deep intuitive trips into southern Mexico.

Trip around the moon on Space-X.

I could see you hiking in the wilderness for a week or two.

Enter a Bill Murray Look-A-Like contest.

Ride the Trans Siberian Railway

Learn a new language

Must get at least 20 dogs at one time.

Do you think he should attend his ex-wife’s murder traill?  Why?

Yes, it will make for a great story.

No, if she gets off she might come after him next!

No, life is too short!

Absolutely, everyone deserves a good laugh.

No, just because.

Nah, let it go.

Depends on who the judge is.

Nah, Ex is Ex.

How has Bruce enriched your life?

Took Me To Burning Man.

He has interesting insights on life.

Brought Sue into my life.

He provided booze for his party.

What, if anything, pisses you off about Bruce or a behavior trait you think he should work on?

Man Hugs


He should be younger and better looking.

Wear tighter pants.

His table manners, atrocious!

What final words of wisdom/advice do you want to give him for his future?

Don’t pee uphill in your socks.

Give up your Liberal Ways!

Sue is always right.

Allow wisdom to come, meet and converse with those you can learn something from and those that want you to learn something about themselves.  Be sure to look interested.  Have a good time.

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