Friday, June 3, 2016

Prepare To Make The Jump To Light Speed......


So we took this road trip from Arizona to Colorado during the spring.  Just the wife and I.  It was our 10th wedding anniversary (I have outlasted all her exes!) And I was damned if I was going to drive almost 2000 miles in a Prius.  Hello Enterprise Rent-A-Car and their “Luxury” Fleet.  So the wife and I abandoned the Prius in long term parking and picked up a jet black 2016 Cadillac XRS.

As we pulled way from Tucson and I depressed the accelerator my first impression was, “Way to go Cadillac, this is the car that Darth Vader would drive home after a long day of working on the Death Star.”

While this sedan is big, sleek and functional, it can also be fairly aggressive when pushed.  Power?  Oh gawd yes, there is a lot of that.  Three hundred to four hundred horsepower depending on the options.  

Comfy?  Well, Duh.  With 64 way power seats that are both heated and cooled along with a heated steering wheel. (Damn, that felt sinfully erotic on a cold Colorado morning.) I don’t think you are going to want for much else in the way of comfort, except maybe a masseuse named Ingrid in the trunk.  

Gizmos?  Well, I am a big ergonomic fan and internal layout is a BIG deal to me.  Switches that are hard to find or confusing are a big no-no in my book.  Not a problem with the XRS.  There are no switches or dials.  Everything is touch screen or pressure sensitive.  Does this layout work?  Lets just say that Cadillac has their own style.  It works well and is well thought out, but it is a matter of taste.  It is like asking if you prefer Tiffany or Cartier?

Needless to say there are enough configurable screen on the dash to keep the driver (and passengers) up to date on just about everything inside and outside the car.  

Conclusion: If I were going to be spending a lot of time on the freeway, I would buy one.  The XRS got 30mpg at 85mph throughout the entire trip.  Around town the car may be larger than most folks are used to.  At $60,000 plus for a price tag it would be expensive but rewarding.  

Or you can just rent one for a week.  It will run you about $700 plus gas (with unlimited milage!).  It is basically the cheapest way to fly a Learjet five feet off the ground.

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