Monday, May 16, 2016

Shutter Saturday - 05/14/2016


Images taken with film cameras. All of these images were shot by me using one of several cameras that I own. The film is developed by myself (unless otherwise noted) and the negatives scanned into a computer. Many of the images or updated / reprocessed in Photoshop. The complete gallery of all my public images is view-able on my Flickr Account. Read the picture details / comments on Flickr to learn more about the particular image.

Sue in Phoenix, Expired Kodak TXP320 - Speed Graphic
Bobbles in Bisbee.  Expired TXP320 / Speed Graphic
A blank wall is a canvas, Bisbee Arizona. Expired TXP320 / Speed Graphic
Sue Long Exposure.  Camera test / focus test.  Expired TXP320 / Speed Graphic
Tombstone Canyon Road, Bisbee Arizona.  Expired TXP320 / Speed Graphic

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