Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wounded Warrior Project ? ? ?

WWP! -> WTF?

DISCLAIMER:  First off, let me make it very clear that this posting is in no way directed at the veterans and service men and women who have served this country.  The sacrifice of their lives and livelihood to do the bidding of our government, be it right or wrong, is one of the key stitches that hold the fabric of our nation together.  

That said, what the heck is up with the high gloss marketing of the “Wounded Warrior Project”?  I have been seeing advertisements for this ‘charity’ for the past several months.  The advertisements have aired during prime-time events and can last for upwards of two minutes of airtime, which ain’t cheap.  

The television spots are usually narrated by some well known media celebrity who voices over traumatized veterans that have either physical or mental disabilities due to their time in the service. That is great!, with the exception of one little thing.  

Isn’t this what the Veteran’s Administration (VA) is supposed to be doing?  Isn’t that why we pay taxes? So that we can fund the care of our veterans and servicemen?  

If you are telling me that the VA is so understaffed and corrupt that they can no longer care for our veterans and that we are now expected to pay an additional sum to aid our sons, daughters and neighbors afflicted by war, then I have a problem.  

To add insult to injury, this appears to be orchestrated by a profit industry.  While there may well be non-profit status involved, salaries are being paid to marketers, producers and accountants to keep all this going.  Those folks don’t work for free.  Don't forget that the NFL is a 'non-profit' organization and I don't see to many team owners driving around in 10 year old Chevrolets.

Having seen more than my share of large organizations that support charitable causes (United Way?  Live Strong?) that also have bloated accounts and perks, these ‘feel good by giving us money’ organizations pop up all the time.  

If a person feels that something should be done for veterans, the worst way to aid them is by giving someone else money.  Instead, why don't they lobby our legislators to fund the programs that are already in place, or better still, volunteer two hours of your week for an agency that already exists?

Giving money because of guilt, ignorance or sloth will not solve any problems.  It will just make some middle-men rich.  

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