Monday, November 4, 2013

The Catch 22

So I am having this little problem.  One of the things that my job requires of me, is to complete a specific number of training hours each year.  After having worked at the same job(s) for over 20 years, this training gets to be a bit repetitive to say the least.  I have taken all the training courses that my employer offers at ‘least’ twice. 

My employer has a set of ‘Canons’ that state the expectations of employees and how they should conduct themselves.  This is a civil service job after all and appearances toward the public are most important. 

Which is why I was somewhat puzzled and short circuited when I came across the canon shown above during my most recent training.  It references ‘competency’ of employees and how they need to be able to be educated and trained to do their jobs. 

The only problem here is that it is direct conflict with another Canon in the code of conduct.  That Canon states that no employee shall bring disrespect or tarnish the reputation of the employer in the eyes of the public. 

So here is the problem that I have run across again and again in my 20 years of employment.  If I come across a co-worker or supervisor / manager that are ‘incompetent’, I can’t point that out to anyone.  Because… do so would cast a negative a light on the employer and tarnish the public’s impression of the agency (i.e. we hire and promote idiots). 

This has been hammered home on numerous occasions when I have spoken to superiors about a co-workers / supervisors inability to do their job correctly (and in some cases in violation of the law).  When I have done this I have been branded as not being a ‘Team Player”. 

So when I saw this training slide about competency, I just shook my head, smiled and continued onto the next slide.  It is all window dressing and double-speak. 

There really should be a new Canon added to all the rest that simply states, “Be glad you have a job, and shut up”.