Thursday, March 8, 2012

Starring Vic Morrow.....

Every once in a while I browse through NetFlix and find some old television shows from my youth. I slip them into my que to see if there is still any of that old childhood magic left by re-watching these shows. I have watched 'Fireball XL5' and 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' and was somewhat disappointed. They really didn't regenerate that gee-whiz effect that they had in my youth. Recently, the DVD version of the 60s television show 'Combat!' (starring Vic Morrow and Rick Jason) was dropped in our mailbox and I popped it into the BlueRay player not expecting too much.

I was surprised. This was a really good show. Much better than I remember. As a child in my teens, I only remembered Vic Morrow and the fact that he was super cool and had a Thompson sub-machine gun. As an adult, the dialogue, story lines, lighting, camera work, soundtrack and direction all work very well. These are things I would not have noticed as a child. As adults, we are used to the slick Hollywood glamorization of war. The likes of 'Saving Private Ryan', or 'Red Tails', where everything is based on action and fast pacing. "Combat!" shows a different type of war, the human side of a world in chaos. Sort of like an early version of 'Band of Brothers'. This show might be the NetFlix exception, I actually might add Disc-2 to my que.