Monday, March 22, 2010

The Scum Of The Earth... in this city.

So it was Monday...the start of another work week. I am usually optimistic on Monday, believing that I can get a fresh start on things in the capitalist world and actually accomplish something. The school of hard knocks usually beats that out of my around 11am, but today was different. Today, it failed to launch completely.

Why? Because some idiot dumped a puppy in the park in front of our house this morning. One of my neighbors who was out walking saw an older model pickup truck drive through the park, slow down, the driver opened the door and threw this little dog out before speeding away.

Sadly, this is a common occurrence in our neighborhood. Since we live adjacent to one of the largest parks in Phoenix, Arizona, a lot of pets get dumped here. The feral cats that live in the park probably number over 50 and there are about 5 to 10 dogs that are abandoned there every month.

So as I am walking in from the garage, I catch a glimpse of my wife running out the front door in her bath robe with a dog leash in her hands. I asked if one of our dogs had gotten out and she replied no...someone had dumped a puppy. I followed her out the front door and there in the middle of the street was this little dog, scared shitless and alone.

Never mind that the owner 'could' have taken it to the animal shelter and dropped it off, for free, no questions asked. I suppose that would have been too much work. Easier just to chuck it out the door on the way to a job site, or on the way to buy some crack in one of the slums south of the tracks. Asshole!

So this morning, when I got to work, I sent out an e-mail to our neighborhood trying to find out if anyone is willing to adopt the little fella. My wife and I have already rescued two stray dogs and two stray cats in the neighborhood and we really can't take another one. I am proud to say that the people that live in our 'hood' have gone above and beyond in taking in strays and dumped pets from the park, but there is a limit to how many can be saved. So the bastards that do this basically leave us to do their dirty work, while they are out wrecking havoc on some one else's life without a care or an afterthought.

There is a special canto of hell reserved for these types of people. A particularly hot and nasty level where their flesh is ripped from their bones over and and over for all eternity. At least I certainly hope so. (click the picture for the full size image)