Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sponge Bob Shit Pants

I Attract The Nicest People

One of the little benefits from having a blog and really 'working' at it are the comments you get from fellow readers. I am one of those folks that love a good critic or a little note to let me know that someone actually took the time to read something that I posted.

However, once in a while you get a lurker that strolls into your blog and says something totally in appropriate. Which was the case last week. I got an email notification that I had a comment on a peice that I wrote several months ago called "Not Being Subtle".

The commentor took the time and effort to tell me what a 'dumb-ass' I am and that I am a 'dickweed'. Boy, that is constructive! Unlike most lerkers, this guy actually has a link to who he is. He has a blog with ONE blog entry dated in December of 2008. He also has a link to a website that specializes in the sexual fetish of 'spanking'. (you got that right folks...spanking and lots of it). Check him out!

Now I don't know who Mr. Sponge Bob Shit Pants actaully is, unless he/she is a fellow blogger making some bizarre attempt at an alter-ego, but if his profile is to be beleived, he is in the maritime services somewhere in Hong Kong.

I think the real humor here is, that this person would actually advertises what an idiot he is for the entire world to see......and all this because he had issues about how we remodeled our bathroom.

I left him a constructive comment on his one an only posting.