Monday, September 15, 2008

Day Dreaming

Initial Shape Study

I had a productive weekend. Got a lot of stuff done in the garage, did a lot of landscaping, got some shopping out of the way. It was 3 days of bliss. Which is why coming back to my office this Monday is pretty depressing.

Basic Design Refined - Mirrored Skin

Working in State Government is like running a marthon in led sneakers. After a while, you just learn to shuffle. After so much shuffling, your mind tends to wonder to flights of fancy and the way things could be.

Final Texture Study

In the days before I took to writing everything down. I used to doodle. Not doodle with pencil and pen, but with computer animation models and raytracing software. If fascinated me a lot until I hit a bit of a brick wall when it came to complex structure design and textures.

Final Design and Detailing

There are still a lot of my old renderings on my computer at the office. Someday I might get back to it. When time permits. That is to say when I retire. These pictures are of a dream I had once. A dream of being severed from the led sneakers that drag me down and sailing amoung the stars in my own space yacht. When I dream, I dream big and in detail.

Final Rendering

It is images such as these that make me realize that I can discover so much more when I am freed from the rigid organizational structure of my job and set free to pursue my dreams. I suppose that most of life is a test to see if you can figure out what you realy want to do. It seems that life is full of TESTS.

These Raytrace renderings were modeled using Moray 3.5 and rendered with POV-Raytracer. Clicking on the pictures will take you to the full size renderings.