Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Amazing Application

What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?

The wife and I applied for the next season of 'The Amazing Race'.

If you don't know what that is, click the link above to check out their webpage. It is a reality television show where couples have to race around the world and learn not to kill each other as you struggle to ask for directions in Mumbai or scale cliffs in Iceland.

What were we thinking!?

The application itself is almost as difficult as any leg of the race. It isn't advertised much in the media and there is a very brief window of opportunity to submit it. If you haven't done so already, you are out of luck. The application needs to be completed and sent in by now to be considered.

The process includes filling out a LENGTHY questionaire (13 pages), that asks some pretty probing questions about you and your partner.

Then you have to make a 3 minute video explaining why you want to be on the race. The video needs to be labeled a certain way to be considered.

Then you need a 'current' picture of you and your partner. Thank goodness I had my last Polaroid with some film left in it. A group photo at arms length did the trick.

Then there was the issue of the passports. Can't go globetrotting without one these days. Se we had to fill out the passport applications, go to Kinko's for PassPort photos, go back to Kinko's for more Passport Photos (besides immigration, The Amazing Race wanted a set as well).

When we got the passport office, we found that my Birth Cerfiticate wasn't 'official', so we had to run to my mothers house and dig out the real copy and then run back to the passport office to submit all the passport paperwork. We needed receipts from the passport office to show proof that we had applied for passports to include in The Amazing Race application packet.

We did all this in under 4 days. I think we should get a consolation prize just for making the effort. Maybe a weekend in a shack near Barstow courtesy of Travelocity?

Now we wait to hear if we make it to the first interview round. We probably won't, but at least we know what it is like to make the effort, and we finally got around to getting our passports.

We are currently neck and neck with Kathy and her sister over at The Junk Drawer. If we were to both make it onto the race, hell just might freeze over. We would be entertaining to watch, that is for sure.