Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fading To Black...Again

I Love Walgreens

I have been out sick the past few days. It was not a 'lets take a mental health break from work' type of sick. It was a fever, headache, stuffy head kind of sick. The sort of illness where you get out of bed to walk to the kitchen for something, and forget what it was by the time you get there.

Even our pets could sense something wasn't right. They would sit on the floor and stare at me laying on the sofa in the middle of the day and know, "something isn't right here, he never does this." Several times as I was passed out on the couch, I would feel the warm tongue of our dog licking my hand or the weight of the 20lb cat purring on my chest.

When I get sick, it isn't a pretty thing. Best to take a vacation just so you can be away from me. I am not Mr. Warm and Fuzzy when I have a fever. Condolences to my wife that has to put up with me during this time of infection.

I figured I would blog about this, but realized that I have probably already written the definitive blog about fever dreams and Tylenol, so I will just link to it. Check out Fading to Black. Same situation, two years ago.