Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hell Froze Over

Phoenix City Hall

The name of this blog is Hypocrisy. It goes way back to the day I created it in 2003. Originally it was meant as a place to blow off steam due to my frustration with various things. I still use it for that purpose, but I have tried to tone it down a bit over the years.

Readers of this blog might recall my lament at the lack of long term city planning and the decay of some of the art objects around Phoenix. It was a blog entitled Three Coins.

As I was walking to work the other day, I took a different route through the downtown area. While walking past the Phoenix City hall I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of the refurbished City Hall fountain. I literally stopped and gasped at it and then noticed the sign posted next to it. The sign read:

Phoenix City Hall Fountain

Water conservation features continuously monitor water use and automatically adjust for weather conditions to conserve water.

This Plaza Fountain has recently been refurbished and now incorporates new conservation technology. See the weather monitor located on top of the sand stone column that turns off the fountain during high winds. A new water meter helps monitor for leaks and an automatic timer also allows the fountain to be turned off when few people are around.

We hope you will enjoy the beauty and cooling effect of this fountain.

I would like to think that someone at City Hall actually read my blog, but that is so much wishful thinking. But it is nice to see that in a Hypocritical world, there is still some sanity left. There is a good chance you might find me near this fountain during lunch time reading a book. It just became my favorite location in downtown Phoenix.